2023 SSD Group upcoming investments

30000 Acres

Sultan Saafaq Aldawiesh Group

SSD Group


Inspiring Generations

New capital investment


To achieve objectives of development and expansion, the Group Management pumps approx. 19 Million USD capital annually to satisfy requirements of this development. The Group investments have been vastly developed in the period from 2020 to 2023, which results to fourfold increase.

SSD Group established by Mr. Sultan Aldawiesh who have wide and diverse expertise in different areas of business and long experience in managing major companies that work in the local market and multinational companies inside and outside the Mena region

Years in business


In spite of the novelty of Group’s activity, it has great expertise in fields of agricultural investments, reclamation & development of emerging desert, real estate development and construction

Our companies

The Customer is King



Tatweer for Agriculture Development - Egypt

Janaat Al-Kaleej - UAE

Green Bird - Oman

Sultan Al-dawiesh - Oman 


The Group sets strategic objectives upon its incorporation in order to develop its major activities, increase the volume of its business per annum and to achieve annual development rates in conformity of the Company’s technical and material capabilities and its vast relations in the market. The strategic planning and Group objectives determination is very clear since its establishment, which reflect on works volume development and workforce available for the Group.


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Block 12, 26 th of July corridor, Sheikh Zayed City, 6 of October, Egypt.

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